Plysjbyen Death Metal Distribution alternative music from bodo, for pleasure and pain

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IHAB 2009
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HKS demo

Kråkesølv Kiss My Recordings, 2008
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Feedback demo

Silje H 2007

Odas Liv demo

Sinnssyk Ugle 2006

Pistola / Chloe O'Brian demo

Sinnssyk Ugle 2007
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Spåkopp EP

Spåkopp 2009

Läkonia demo

The Spectacle 2002
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S/T 10"

The Spectacle Smart Patrol Records, 2003

Two Song Seven Inch

The Spectacle Smart Patrol Records, 2006

This is a collection of releases by bands and artists related to the late punk/hardcore/diy scene of Bodo, Norway. The music found here is either already released for free in the public domain or permission for free distribution has been granted by the people behind it. Direct questions, contributions or other enquiries to ed at hjertesorg dot com or leon at plysjbyen dot net.

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